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Avenza Map Instructions PDF Download

The app uses your device's built-in GPS to plot your real-time location whilst on selected South Australian waterways onto a map. The app can be used without a network connection and without roaming charges. You can also measure area and distance, plot photos and drop placemark pins.

Look for the Avenza logo on the paddle trails
Avenza map

How to get it working on your device:
1. Download the Avenza PDF maps app from the App Store or Google Play whilst you are still in range (its free!).
2. Open up the app and click the shopping cart icon.
3. Click ‘Find’ and type the name of the area you are looking for.
4. Click on the map you are after it will include Paddle SA in the naming and install it (all our maps are free).
5. You will now find a list of your installed maps on the home page of the Avenza app.
6. Use our maps through the Avenza PDF map app while on our waterways and never take a wrong turn again.

Enjoy your time on the water !!!