Blanchetown to Swan Reach Trail South Australia

This trail is a one way trip from Blanchetown to Swan Reach paddling both on the River Murray and also taking in the picturesque backwaters of Moorunde, Portee and Yacto Creeks. The trail incorporates a number of portages along the way – some around tree obstacles and others where roads and tracks cross creeks. 

NOTE: This paddle may be attempted in reverse – paddling upriver from Swan Reach and finishing at Blanchetown.

Paddle overview : Blanchetown to Swan Reach Trail

Blanchetown to Swan Reach Trail (via backwaters)

Region Murray River, Lakes, and Coorong
Nearest Town Blanchetown (145 km from Adelaide)View in google map
Distance Approx 25km one way
Paddle Time 1-2 days
Difficulty Moderate
Facilities Full facilities at both ends of the trail.
Conditions Visit BOM for weather conditions
Conditions River and river backwaters
Parking Secure parking is available at both ends of the trail

Trail Notes

Launch Sites:
Blanchetown Public Boat ramp GPS: 34.3583 S; 139.6215 E
Swan Reach public Boat ramp GPS: 34.5686 S; 139.5954 E

Public Boat ramps at either Blanchetown and Swan Reach (details on map)

Trail Points:
The trail starts at Blanchetown or Swan Reach (if you want to do the trip from Swan Reach be aware that you are travelling upstream in this direction)
NOTE: These notes will cover the trail paddling from north to south.

The entrance to Moorunde creek is marked by the remains of a concrete weir readily seen from the river. (Point A) GPS: 34.3969 S; 139.6159 E
There is a difficult portage near the entrance around two trees.

Moorunde Creek runs into Portee creek after passing Portee homestead (BnB)
There are four more portages after Portee homestead where tracks/roads cross the creek.
Camping is available at the Reserve at the end of Swan Reach/ Stockwell road beside the pumphouse, on the western side of the river just after the exit from Portee creek into the Murray river (Point B) GPS:  34.5054 S; 139.5698 E). This is an Ideal spot for an overnight stay – or a lunch break if the trip is to be done in one day.

Yacto creek entrance is about 700 m upstream for the exit of Portee creek into the Murray river at (Point C) GPS: 34.4988 S; 139.5834 E.
There is a further portage across a bank near its exit back to the river and then it is only a short trip down stream to Swan Reach. Beware of the need to negotiate the river past the ferry crossing at Swan Reach which is just north of the boat ramp.



NOTE: This is a one-way paddle trail between Blanchetown and Swan Reach.

Always check weather and wind conditions before embarking (see Meteye)
This paddle trail is rated as moderately difficult due to the number of portages along the way. Take care when negotiating the final section of the river past the ferry crossing at Swan Reach (which is just north of the boat ramp / exit point) when travelling north to south.

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Full range of facilities (toilets, parking, picnic areas) available at both ends of this trail.

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